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Saturday, February 5, 2011

cloth diapering, a love story

I posted a couple of weeks ago how we were trying out cloth diapers for JJ. We had our trial pack in hand, and we weren't afraid to use them. JJ took to them quite easily, and we, his parents, found it was easier to use the more absorbent pods and do laundry everyday than to go through a box of several hundred disposables in about a week's time.

Since that last post, we are full-time users of the Soft Bums cloth diapers, and we're using the bamboo/organic cotton blend inserts. All in all, we spent under $400 for 24 one-size inserts, 8 newborn inserts and 8 shells. This combined with the two shells and some of the Stay Dry inserts we got with our trial pack means we're pretty well set. It's been really easy to use the Soft Bums because the inserts hold a massive amount of pee and poo--something JJ has become quite proficient in. Plus, they change with the ease of a disposable.

And I don't have to make any midnight runs to the grocery store to get more diapers because we just ran out at 10pm.

I told a buddy last night that I'm glad we're using the cloth diapers. He said, "I don't think that's something I'd ever be glad about." I meant, I'm glad we have the cloth diapers because of the overall cost of buying the big pack of disposables every week versus the one time cost of the cloth. It's true that the smell of day-old pee and poo in the wet bag is one of the more revolting things I've ever smelled in my life, but they clean oh so easily!

I just put another load in the washer and have a load of inserts in the dryer. That's much more comfortable than competing with other dads in the diaper aisle at Wal-Mart on a Saturday.


  1. great decision guys!! I used cloth diapers with my oldest since he was allergic to everything. I got lazy with the baby and we went back to disposables :)

  2. From a Mom's perspective (since I'm the one home all day), I LOVE the cloth! He's way more comfy and less squirmy in them, and we've had fewer leaks. One negative is that it does make his little booty quite big, especially right now since he's so small, and since he already has a long torso onesies tend to be a little short for the width he needs. Luckily the diapers are really cute in and of themselves, so we usually just use a shirt with the diaper instead of a onesie anyway.

  3. I gotta agree with you... day old pee and funk is AWFUL...but getting beyond that, clothing diapering ROCKS!!! Glad its working so well for you guys! And CUDOS! for doing them on JJ so early! I usually wait a few mos. to do cloth diapers!!! :)