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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Station

I mentioned in my post "Welcome 2011" that it had been about two years since my last post. And as I've entered a new phase in my life and seen how God's grace has been more than enough to cover us in our time of transition. When I started my blog about five years ago, I was processing my life after a neurological disorder, so I was literally living on my own two feet.

After seeing God's grace and provision being played out in the lives of so many other people, I have realized that there is no way I live on my own two feet; I live in community, with friends and family. I have a wife and a child, and my heart has grown bigger.

I've started this new blog in order to continue reflecting on the learning process of living as a teacher (hence the "Profe" part of the title), a father (hence the "Papi" part of the tile), a Christ-follower, a husband, son and all around nice guy.

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